We created Rive Droite because, worldwide, 13 million tons of fabric and thrown away each year, and only 2 million recycled. We wanted to do our bit to help make sustainable fashion more appealing.

Because, yes, you can create cool, high-quality, eco-friendly, fairly priced accessories that are kind to people and the environment. Made from recycled cotton, upcycled denim offcuts, and leftover fabric offcuts.

Rive Droite Paris was born with this desire.

And as a nod to our beloved Paris, where it all began, all our products are named after a street in the Rive Droite district of Paris.


Rive Droite products can now be personalized.

We’ve chosen a super stylish embroidery stitch. All you need to do is choose a color for the thread, the font and your message (we’ll keep it top secret, don’t worry!)

You can even add a little heart.

It really is the best gift idea!


Say hello to Saïd, Ahmed and the gang - our Dudes.

That’s the nickname we give our talented stitching team. In the past, they found themselves in unstable working conditions. To help they get by, we breathed some entrepreneurial spirit into them - the same spirit that has motivated us from Rive Droite’s very beginnings.

So, they are all officially self-employed. We help them build their own workspaces if they like, and help them with all things admin, and provide training.

That’s our vision for fair trade.