Nickname (avowable or not), sweet word, announcement to make : this year, tell them with a bag or a
personalized accessory !
We give you some ideas that will make them happy.

Its initials

You want to bet on sobriety : it's the perfect option, wherewith you take absolutely no risk.
Chic and powerful !

An announcement to make?

You don’t know how to do it ? You want to take his breath away?
Embroider your announcement directly on our products!
Pay attention, the number of characters is limited ...

His name or nickname

That’s what you prefer to embroider on our products, because you know they will enjoy it !
Oh yes, if you choose a nickname, you have to know that we are a perfect secrets keeper, indeed everything you embroider will remain between us!

A little heart

Sometimes a little sign makes more impact than the craziest statements.
So do not hesitate, personalize your gift with love!
To embroider alone or with a name or a sweet word...

Here at Rive Droite, we love kids (even when they misbehave!). So, we’ve made a range of bags, jackets and accessories just for them, and you...

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55,00 €

Béranger is the new back-to-school backpack for big elementary school kids! They’ll love the detailing: its inner lining in matching color with a zip on the outside.

49,00 €

We’re on high cuteness alert with the new Hardy backpacks and their adorable animal patterns: Bunny, Panda, Penguin, Deer or Tiger. This season in new timeless colors, just like their grown-up counterparts.

25,00 €

Gabin, the essential baby shower gift they will love. You've gotta admit: health journals aren’t exactly the prettiest looking. And, let’s be honest, you always have it with you - so it might as well be pretty.

40,00 €

Minimes is our new arrival for spring!It’s the ideal backpack for toddlers on their way to kindergarten or on a day out with the family. You can easily store a comforter, a little snack or some toys for long journeys.

39,00 €

Alma is sure to become your baby’s essential toiletry bag. Ointment, cotton wool buds, medicine... it can carry all your baby’s day-out essentials. You’ll fall head-over-heels for its checked or striped lining in matching colors, for an on-trend, yet practical layette.It’s great for everyone - not just moms!

39,00 €

With the Gabrielle large baby pouch, you can keep your diapers, a change of clothes and other baby essentials to hand.With its sweet colors and pretty materials, you can bring it along even when you’re out without your baby.

59,00 €

Is your handbag too small for all your things? But you don’t want to weigh yourself down with a big bag? Want a bag that goes with every outfit? Ballu, the little block denim duffle bag, is the one for you!

59,00 €

Ballu, the little duffle bag, is available in black, slate gray, military green and burgundy - timeless colors you can wear the whole year round. 

120,00 €

Created in collaboration with Carole Tolila, journalist and DIY queen, the Marceau anti-diaper bag has got what it takes to become THE bag you take everywhere with your baby.It's so perfect that you'll even want to use it once your little one is all grown up.

35,00 €

New season, new straighter cut for this denim jacket. Inspired by 50s American blue working overalls, Bleue is the ideal accessory for painting sessions, or just for a day out with friends!

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