Nickname (avowable or not), sweet word, announcement to make : this year, tell them with a bag or a
personalized accessory !
We give you some ideas that will make them happy.

Its initials

You want to bet on sobriety : it's the perfect option, wherewith you take absolutely no risk.
Chic and powerful !

An announcement to make?

You don’t know how to do it ? You want to take his breath away?
Embroider your announcement directly on our products!
Pay attention, the number of characters is limited ...

His name or nickname

That’s what you prefer to embroider on our products, because you know they will enjoy it !
Oh yes, if you choose a nickname, you have to know that we are a perfect secrets keeper, indeed everything you embroider will remain between us!

A little heart

Sometimes a little sign makes more impact than the craziest statements.
So do not hesitate, personalize your gift with love!
To embroider alone or with a name or a sweet word...

You can always do with a pouch in your bag. Recycled cotton, upcycled denim, medium or large, we’ve got just the right pouch for you.

33,33 €

Limited Edition !This summer, we revisit Barbette the denim pouch with 2 new effects on denim upcycled : an ultra-soft and bright tie and dye, and a "snow" effect which gives depth to the material, for a spirit a little more rock.The perfect detail : each wash and each tie and dye effect are different from one piece to another. Your bag will never look...

32,50 €

With its new colours inspired by the California we love, Barbette the clutch bag will undoubtedly be the essential accessory of the summer. Pink "Açaï", Yellow "Golden Latte", Green "Matcha Latte" and Orange "Smoothie Papaya" : you will want to match it to all your outfits ! Perfection in every detail: floral printed linings that you should like.

40,83 €

LIMITED EDITION Discover Myrha, the new upcycled velvet pouch that will accessorize all your winter outfits! You will love the softness of its thick and comfortable material, declined in 4 hyper luminous colours: Amber Yellow, Malachite Green, Jasper Brown and Amethyst Purple. The perfect detail: its side handle to hold it and catch it easily...

37,50 €

The second piece of our collaboration with Lili Barbery is a zippered case made of recycled cotton that has a double function. Both a pocket to carry her small things and a cover to cover the yoga bricks, it is the essential accessory to slip into your bag. 

74,17 €

Trudaine is the briefcase that succeeds in the challenge of being as cool as it is practical, while being eco-responsible, of course! It will be used to transport your highly confidential files, in addition to your computer in its separately padded pocket. You will love its sleek style, which will perfectly match all your office looks, its large opening,...

54,17 €

NEW Vivienne is the computer pouch you've been waiting for for a long time! You will love it for its simple design, timeless colours, recycled or upcycled materials that are both soft and strong. Stuffed from foam stocks used to make sofas in Morocco, it will protect your computer. The detail that changes everything: her super cool zip.

65,83 €

With Ondine from CSAO it seemed obvious to us to create together these hand-embroidered pouches in Senegal, by talented women with unique know-how. Love, Love, Liberty...each embroidery took almost a day's work, giving the embroiderers the pleasure of playing with threads, materials and colours to create these unique pieces.

32,50 €

Barbette, the denim zip-up pouch is perfect for stashing your little bag of tricks in your big one: travel cards, meal cards, business cards, make-up touch-up essentials... And since denim goes with everything, no worries!

32,50 €

The Barbette pouch has been given that “Snow” edge for winter. Made of recycled cotton, it’s the perfect accessory for any outfit, day or night. 3 timeless colors: slate gray, khaki and light brown to match all styles, for men and women.

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