Nickname (avowable or not), sweet word, announcement to make : this year, tell them with a bag or a
personalized accessory !
We give you some ideas that will make them happy.

Its initials

You want to bet on sobriety : it's the perfect option, wherewith you take absolutely no risk.
Chic and powerful !

An announcement to make?

You don’t know how to do it ? You want to take his breath away?
Embroider your announcement directly on our products!
Pay attention, the number of characters is limited ...

His name or nickname

That’s what you prefer to embroider on our products, because you know they will enjoy it !
Oh yes, if you choose a nickname, you have to know that we are a perfect secrets keeper, indeed everything you embroider will remain between us!

A little heart

Sometimes a little sign makes more impact than the craziest statements.
So do not hesitate, personalize your gift with love!
To embroider alone or with a name or a sweet word...

49,17 €

Alert fragrant collab’ !!!! We are very happy to partner with our favorite brand of scented home care: Kerzon. We created together the best of scented boxes: a denim kit in which we put treasures of their "Super Fresh » collection. Offer it urgently to all natural home scents and beautiful craft stories lovers ! 

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