Olympe - The escape bag

You're not alone.
We're with you.

If you bought this bag, it's because you know that what you're experiencing at home is not acceptable and that sooner or later, you'll have to leave.
If you've received it, it's because someone close to you is thinking about you and fearing for your future. They may not know how to broach the subject with you, but they love you very much. They're certain that you're capable of fighting the battle ahead, because you know you deserve better.
Maybe you've already thought about all this, but you've been scared, you've thought you were exaggerating. Maybe you've preferred to postpone your departure, your break-up.
Maybe now you can think about it a little more.
Take your time and prepare yourself at your own pace.
Because running away from a violent home takes preparation.
In the meantime, after you've left, know that there's life.

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