What's the best way to wear a fanny pack: across the body, over the shoulder or on your back?

They have taken over the streets! The legendary fanny pack of the '80s and '90s has made a startling comeback in recent years in a more modern version, with materials and cuts that rival in creativity. After falling out of favor for a spell, the fanny pack has become a true It Bag, even giving the traditional handbag a run for its money. But take note. We don't wear our 2023 fanny packs as we did in the '80s. Here's the stylish way to wear your fanny pack in 2023, for women and men alike.

  In a nutshell: you can wear a fanny pack slung across the chest, on the back, over the shoulder like a handbag or on the hips. Choose according to your style, your preference or what's most practical for you. 

Why opt for a fanny pack in 2023?

Maybe you have vague memories of middle school and you doubt the potential of this accessory straight out of the 90s?

And yet, the 2023 version of the fanny pack has more than one trick in the trunk (pun intended 😄):
  • More than ever, it's as practical as it is comfortable, no matter how you wear it.  
  • It's unisex, which helps break down heavily gendered fashion codes.  
  • It is now available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL.  
  • It comes in a range of colors, prints and materials to suit almost any style.  
  • It is decidedly trendy and affordable, even on a modest budget.  
So, are you ready to get a fanny pack? We'll show you how to wear it to suit your mood!  

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How do you wear a fanny pack, whether you're a man or a woman?

Because we believe that everyone is free to dress as they wish beyond gender norms, all our fanny pack styles are unisex.

And we've come up with different ways to wear a fanny pack that suit both women and men. The rest is a matter of style and taste. 😉  

Cross-body or "diagonally"

The cross-body style, or diagonally from your shoulder to the opposite hip, is the most common way to wear a fanny pack in 2023. Whatever the size or color, the cross-body look is popular for reasons of convenience, peace of mind and, above all, style, which is the real driving force behind its comeback (to find out more, read our article on the fascinating history of the fanny pack).

While the XXL version of the fanny pack is the most common, wearing a "small" fanny pack across the torso gives a more graphic edge to any look.

When to wear it : a cross-body fanny pack is perfect for urban commutes by scooter or bike, or in high-traffic pedestrian areas to keep your belongings close to you. For streetwear style, you can pair it with an oversized sweater, straight-cut jeans and sneakers, or wear it snugly under a jacket.

Deux personnes portant des sacs bananes motif camouflage devant la poitrine

Shoulder bag

With more streetwear cred than a handbag, the fanny pack is easy to carry on the shoulder, with the added bonus of often being lighter. Plain or patterned, it can add a sporty touch to your outfit or, on the contrary, make it more chic.

Nevertheless, because its construction is often much more flexible than a handbag, the fanny pack can become less practical when carried on the shoulder or in the hand. That is why we would opt for more suitable styles, such as a tote bag.

When to wear it : the shoulder fanny pack is used like a classic handbag styled with, say, an oversized jacket, a puffy blouse, mom/dad jeans and flats.

On the hips

Arranged at an angle and usually resting on the right hip, the fanny pack can double as a pouch for keeping your essentials close at hand (keys, wallet, phone, earbuds, etc.). If it's small enough, you can lace it through the belt loops of pants, shorts or a skirt, ensuring it stays put and looks great all day.

When to wear it: the fanny pack worn on the hips is an accessory in its own right that can complement an evening outfit. Choose a smaller size and pair it with a jumpsuit, for example. When it comes to patterns, anything goes. At RiveDroite, we are as likely to go for leopard print as for florals (we know all about flexibility).

Sac banane motif léopard

On the back

This is the perfect solution for those who prioritize comfort and are into sportswear style. Worn on the back, the fanny pack is like a small backpack , giving you freedom of movement. But be careful not to put anything too valuable in it, as the idea is to keep an eye on your belongings.

DWhen to wear it : wearing your fanny pack on the back is suited to urban or on-the-go lifestyles where comfort is a must. We recommend that you don't make it too heavy, or you will sacrifice the "high riding" look that gives it its style.

Personne portant un sac banane camel dans le dos

You've made it to the end of our guide. We've described several ways to wear a fanny pack, but we strongly encourage you to try them all. If you're visiting Paris, we'd love for you to try some on in our showroom at Hôtel de Retz, 9 rue Charlot in the Marais neighborhood. Finally, remember that you can personalize your fanny pack with brooches, pins and even patches. Never mind the rules: this accessory is all about what you make of it. 🥰

The RiveDroite team