Our story

Why Rive Droite?

Starting a Business to Change the World

With over 10 years of professional experience, Aurélie, Sofia and Yasmine launched their business in 2016 with one common goal: to be entrepreneurs with a purpose. -Yasmine: Strategy & Development. Yasmine strongly believes that business should go hand in hand with ethics. She has an endless supply of innovative sustainable development ideas for Rive Droite. -Sofia: Design & Image. Sofia's eclectic background brought her to twist the traditional creative process by starting with preexisting materials. -Aurélie: Digital media. Aurélie's used her customer relations experience to put her skills to build an organic, integrative Rive Droite tribe.


A 100% Involved Company

"More than ever, doing your part like the hummingbird is justified and shared, challenging each and every one of us." Pierre Rhabi