Portrait #triburivedroite : Hello Geoffrey et Mathias

At Rive Droite, we believe that the collective is powerful. 
What could be more powerful than collective emotion to impact the world in a positive way? 
This is exactly the meaning we put behind the hashtag #triburivedroite which gathers men and women who seek to consume differently without abdicating the taste for beautiful things. Like us. Like you.
Today, we are very happy to meet the men and women who made up the tribe of our last shooting last March at the Studio Royal Cheese, with the photographer Julia Champeau.
We continue this series of portraits with Geoffrey and Mathias.
Who are you ?
Geoffrey : I am Geoffrey, I am 38 years old.
Mathias : I am Mathias Déon, I am 47 years old and I live in Paris.
Can you give me some words to describe yourselves?
Geoffrey : I am dreamy, hyper sensitive and creative.
Mathias : I am full of energy, and very curious.
What do you do for a living?
Geoffrey : I am a freelance editorial designer. I work on brand names, idea research and I work on brand names, idea research and associated words. I worked 15 years in a digital advertising agency in Paris, then for Printemps stores.
Today, it's been 3 years since I created my studio.
Mathias : I work in communication, I am the Communication Director of the Fédération du prêt-à-porter.
What inspires you on a daily basis?
Geoffrey : In everyday life, it can be anything and everything: a fashion or decoration magazine,
a conversation overheard at the next table, a gesture from a stranger, flowers.. Overall, I work a lot on instinct.
Mathias : I love music, literature, magazines, I am a great reader. I love to observe
people in the street. And I also spend a lot of time on my phone, on Instagram, TikTok etc.
What do you like about Rive Droite?
Geoffrey :  I really like the natural materials. The fact that the bags are
simple, timeless and one-piece. It's easier to match.
Mathias :  I like Rive Droite for its simplicity, the shapes, the materials and the
the richness of the colors. I feel like this is going to be the bag of my life, that it will
age with me and become even more beautiful.
I like pieces that last.
What are your favorite Rive Droite bags?
Geoffrey : This is the 24 hour weekend bag, its size is perfect for me.
Mathias : My favorite bag is the big 48 hour weekend bag.
What would you like to see in our collections?
Geoffrey : I would love a neck pouch. A mini bag in which
you can put everything in, but still have it close at hand. I have a leather one but it
would be nice in the materials you have because it would get damaged less.
Mathias : Since I travel by bike, I am a fan of backpacks. I have several
several to alternate and it would be great to have different sized pockets
to put all my stuff inside or even one for my sports stuff.
The #triburivedroite is also a community of bon vivants who like to
discovering new addresses. Can you share your favorite
favorite spots in Paris?
Geoffrey : Les Buttes Chaumont. I love this park and I always get lost there!
We got married there with Mathias. And the restaurant
Myrobolant, rue Saint Maur. It's my canteen.
Mathias : The gluten-free bakery Chambelland in the 11th
arrondissement. It is a bakery/pastry shop which makes also small restaurant. We
love to sit there, in the peace of this small paved street. For home shopping and
gifts, I have a huge crush on Landline, avenue Parmentier. Finally, to
to let off steam and eliminate: my sports club, Episod.

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