Portrait #triburivedroite : Hello Nathalie

At Rive Droite, we believe that the collective is powerful. 
What could be more powerful than collective emotion to impact the world in a positive way? 
This is exactly the meaning we put behind the hashtag #triburivedroite which gathers men and women who seek to consume differently without abdicating the taste for beautiful things. Like us. Like you.
Today, we are very happy to meet the men and women who made up the tribe of our last shooting last March at the Studio Royal Cheese, with the photographer Julia Champeau.
We start this series of portraits with Nathalie.

Custine Denim Clair

Who are you?
My name is Nathalie Marchal and I live in Paris.
What do you do for a living?
I am a consultant in the fashion industry. I am passionate about fashion, I have held several positions that have allowed me to understand the different aspects of this sector:
I have been a stylist, a fashion journalist and the artistic director of a brand.
What inspires you on a daily basis?
Taking the subway inspires me a lot, I love to see people, their unique way of appropriating the clothing or the accessory. I like to be confronted with very diverse styles, it's the best source of inspiration.
Of course, there is also contemporary art, well it depends on the works. 😉
The image in movies, painting too, for the color work, and nature. 
Is brand engagement important to you?

Of course, today commitment is essential but I am wary of what is said and I am more interested in what is done. 
The ultimate goal would be to do everything in France but I know that the cost is not sustainable, especially if we want to address the largest number. Unfortunately, the know-how has disappeared, we no longer have the appropriate machines, nor the skills. But this does not mean that nothing is possible, it will simply take some time for France to regain its industrial power in the clothing industry.

In any case, in my way of consumption, it is preponderant.
I am sensitive to how it is done and where it is done. Afterwards, the way to be the most committed would be to buy nothing, so there is a real paradox that at least has the merit of making us think about our consumption.
 What is your favorite Rive Droite bag?
Celestins the weekend bag in camel or icy grey: I really like its square size, but I will use it for every day, I won't wait to go away for the weekend. I don't really like handbags, I prefer big bags for everyday. Sometimes I also use waist bags because I like to have as little stuff as possible and it's good for the subway.
So I would add your Custine model to my list. 

The #triburivedroite is also a community of bon vivants who love to discover new places.
Can you share your favorite spots in Paris? 

Of course, there are several addresses that I really like:

  • The café restaurant Jacquemart André Museum, one of the most beautiful tea rooms in Paris.
  • The Tokyo Palace, the largest European art center dedicated to contemporary creation.
  • The Broken Arm, a boutique of designer clothes for men and women near the Carreau du Temple in the Marais.
  • The book store Ofr in the Marais for its selection of design, fashion and lifestyle publications.

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